An initial design consultation with ArchDezine is a free of charge service. This is the crucial first step in realising your dream and creating your perfect home. We will come and listen to your ideas, as we know you will often have a very clear and well thought-out plan in your mind. It’s then our job to turn these initial ideas into reality with you and hopefully give you a few ideas you hadn’t considered along the way. We also provide professional advice on what is feasible within the planning by-laws of your Council. Once we have fully understood what it is that you want to achieve, we will forward a firm and fixed-price quotation to you along with a summary of what we had discussed.

At a nominal price, we also offer consulting advice during early stages of property purchase. If you are looking to purchase a new home and update it to meet your requirements, we can  come in early with you to help in deciding what could be a suitable purchase for you.